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Our Lifts

Why do we receive such good feedback on our products? The secret lies in the quality of our equipment. UlriX Liftutleie AS offers products only from manufacturers such as Dino, Genie, and JLG, big names in the industry. We are proud to be able to offer our customers a broad selection to choose from. Most importantly, we take great pride in the fact that our equipment is user-friendly and of the highest quality.


The slides below display what lift-model we have at the present moment. Click to the right or left to view our complete selection.

For generelle henvendelser angående våre produkter, som er å finne på denne siden, eller dersom ytterligere informasjon er ønskelig, ta kontakt.



JLG 520AJ (12 Volt DC) has variable motor control speed that improves fuel efficiency (which in turn reduces dust costs), 50% faster rise time and approx. 250kg in the basket (before 230kg).



Maximum working height: 18,00 m

Platform capacity: 250 kg

Platform dimension: A.0-76m / B.1,83m

Platform length: 0.76 m

Platform height: 16,00 m

Maximum climbing ability: 45%

Intrinsic total weight: 7,735 kg

Turning radius outside: 4,78 m

Driving speed (4WD): 6.80 km/h

Transport dimensions

Length: 7,700 m

Width: 2,353 m

Height: 2,269 m

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