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Our machines

UlriX Liftutleie AS also has machines for rent. All of our machines are Kramers.


The slides below display what machine we have at the present moment. Click to the right or left to view our complete selection.

General inquiries about our products, on this site, please contact us for additional information.


Kramer 5035

Kramer 5035 (350) is a compact and maneuverable wheel loader. The machine's clearance height is less than 2m, which means that heavy duty work can be carried out inside, like a parking garage or the like. With a width of 1.2m, 350 can also be driven on the pavement. With its compact dimension and low weight, it is simple and transportable.



Intrinsic weight: 1, 630 kg

Maximum loading capasity (in loader) : from 0.35 m³ til 0.55 m³

Maximum loading capacity (w/tower): 1,250 kg

Tilt angle: 40* (45* out)

Turn radius: 1,90 m (2*38 lock control)

Speed: 20km/h


Transport dimensions

Height: 1,99 m

Width: 1,20 m

Length: 4, 08 m

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